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Strategic consultancy

The efficient allocation of the human, material and economic resources necessary for the attainment of the goals established by an organisation or an administration is an unwaivable challenge. Knowing where you want to go, identifying the priority and instrumental goals, allocating resources for their attainment and communicating this to the players involved and to the society affected is a task of the management body of an institution, in which the collaboration of a consultancy service can contribute method and ingenuity.

Red2Red collaborates with its clients in this process, by contributing its capacity for analysis and diagnostics, using tools of applied economics and sociological research, its capacity for prospecting and vision through the experience of its consultants and compared analysis, together with its capacity for the generation of consensus by means of techniques of participation and negotiation. Our objective is to ensure that our clients find their unique strategy and the support of their environment in order to put that strategy into practice.

  • Prospective analysis
  • Design of public policies and programmes
  • Definition of target-oriented strategies
  • Advice on Community Policies and Structural Funds
  • Generation of agreements and consensus
  • Drawing-up of financial plans

Our studies are tools of analysis of diverse realities and, in many cases, are multi-faceted, drawing a picture of a situation, but also serving as a means for the generation of discussion and the arrival at conclusions and recommendations that can help in the subsequent decision-making processes. An awareness and understanding of the initiatives and social phenomena enable better public action.

At Red2Red we take advantage of applied research techniques and use them to observe the course of certain social phenomena, their interaction with specific practices or the identification of needs or trends. Our specialisation is relevant in the field of social action and revolves around the policies in the effort against the social/labour market discrimination affecting the most vulnerable groups, training and employment, active aging, care for dependent persons, bringing information technologies and communications closer to people or the enhancement of the mainstreaming of equal opportunities policies (such as the gender perspective or universal accessibility), together with support for strengthening the institutions working on these issues.

  • Social and economic analyses
  • Balance sheet and position reports
  • Diagnoses of needs
  • Design of observatories
  • Economic evaluation of the application of policies
Management consultancy

The implementation of target-oriented strategies encounters a bottleneck in many organisations in the compatibility of the organisational structure, in the definition of management systems, in the procedurising of their processes and even in the institutional configuration itself.

Red2Red collaborates in the optimisation of the management of institutions by re-defining their organisation at the service of their strategy and objectives, documenting processes and procedures, training the agents involved, providing technological solutions to facilitate their operation and services, and focussing on resistance to change with preventive solutions.

  • Definition of management systems
  • Preparation of manuals on processes and procedures
  • Support to the management of policies and programmes
  • Design and application of technological solutions
  • Outsourcing
  • Organisation consultancy

The control and verification of financial interventions is an element consubstantial with the implementation of public policies. In fact, sensitivity with regard to these issues has increased considerably and has translated into significant processes and procedures based on the principle of good financial management. Red2Red collaborates with its clients in the performance of regulatory audits and internal audits with greater emphasis on the detection of areas of improvement in their management systems and on the preventive nature of such audits.

  • Regulatory verifications of expenses co-financed by Community Funds
  • Audits of compliance with regulations and standards
  • Audits of compliance with processes and procedures
  • Preventive internal audits
  • Accompaniment and advisory services in external audits

Understanding public policies makes it possible to improve them, and the main tool for achieving this is evaluation. Red2Red adapts its evaluations to the specific context of each client and each institution in order to maximise the value and usefulness of the results and carries out its activity in a very broad set of policies, which range from development cooperation to education, from regional development to gender issue or from employment to health, just to mention only a few examples.

  • Evaluation of policies, programmes, projects and services
  • Regulatory evaluation of Community Funds
  • Multidimensional evaluation (design, process, results and impact)
  • Preliminary impact analysis
  • Support to internal evaluations
  • Training for evaluation
  • Monitoring systems for evaluation
Public Affairs and Communication

Communication is basic for transparency of policies, contributing to its success and fame. Introducing management initiatives facilitates identification and understanding by the public opinion.

In Red2Red we use strategic planning tools combined with marketing techniques and media management to optimize the efficiency of the actions taken by our customers.

  • Definition of information policies
  • Design of communication plans
  • Support to press offices
  • Coordination of communication actions
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and meetings